Before getting in touch with us you may find the information you are after regarding our services or specifics about treatments answered in our frequently asked questions page found below. If the answer isn’t here then please get in touch with us via our contact page or Call: 020 7183  1909.

General Queries

Q: What times are we usually open?
A: We are open between 10am and 7pm Monday to Saturday with late opening on Wednesday & Thursday (till 9pm). The times for individual salon and day may vary slightly so for detailed opening times please click here.

Q: Can I just walk in and have my treatments done?
A: With such centrally based salons we will always have some bookings made in advance; to ensure you can be seen and have the treatments you want guaranteed we definitely recommend booking in advance.

Q: Which payment method(s) do you accept?
A:  Yes, we accept cash payments, debit cards and most credit cards


Q: How long does my hair need to be before it can be waxed?
A: It is recommended to be about a ¼ of an inch (6mm) long so the wax is able to attach to and remove the hair. If you usually shave (particularly legs) then two weeks growth is necessary to ensure all the hairs have reached optimum length evenly.

Q: How often do I need to wax?
A: 4-5 weeks is the recommended time to leave between your next session; this ensures you maintain smooth skin, and at the same time allowing time for hair to grow back to the recommended length suitable for waxing. PS: During summer period the hairs grow quicker, therefore more regular visit is recommended.

Q: Is waxing painful?
A: It is a similar pain to that of removing a plaster. The more waxing sessions you have, the more you adapt to the pain and the less uncomfortable you will find it.

Q: How I avoid the pain?
A: For those who are virgin to waxing or have a more sensitive skin, we recommend you go for our Hot Wax. Though it’s £5 extra, it is less painful, and kinder to skin.

Q: What is the actual difference between Hot Wax and Strip Wax?
A: Hot wax is done by applying a substantially thick layer on the skin, ensuring a thorough coating of each hair. As it cools the wax hardens which is then easily removed, without the aid of any material strips, taking the hair with it.
Strip/ cream wax, however  is done spreading the warmed wax thinly and evenly over the skins surface,  then press a cloth or paper strip on top and ripped off in quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.

Q: Is there anything I can do to prevent ingrown hairs?
A: Exfoliation before the wax and a few days after will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs developing.

Dermalogica Facials

Q: Which facial do I need to suit my skin type?
A: When you come in for the facial the therapist will perform a quick skin analysis to determine which skin type you have and the best products for your skin type.

Q: If I already have wrinkles will skincare really reduce them?
A: Regular use of moisturiser and anti-aging products and frequent visits to a professional beauty therapist for a more intense treatment will soften existing lines and minimise further lines from becoming deeper and more apparent.

Q: I have really sensitive skin and react from everything I use, what can I do?
A: The first step is to visit a professional beauty therapist so she can help determine what it is you are allergic to and advise a simple skin care routine to help calm your skin down. The Dermalogica products are based on organically/naturally obtained ingredients for anyone who has sensitive skin. These products are full of the natural nutrients and vitamins that sensitive skins needs and it is very rare that irritations occur from a natural based skin care range.

Nail Treatments

Q: What is the difference between the express, essential and deluxe manicures and pedicures?]
A: The time each treatment takes and the processes involved are different, to have a detailed look please click here.

Q: Which type of nail polish remover is the best?
A: An acetone free nail polish remover is the kindest remover to nails available.